Autumn Neukam
Terra's Favorite Sister and Maid of Honor
Autumn is Terra's loving sister, lifelong best friend and the most thoughtful maid of honor. She knows Terra better than anybody else and has always been her greatest champion. The two of them are absolutely inseparable and would be completely lost without each other!
Christi Barwick
Christi and Terra met during a summer internship at the University of Michigan and quickly became fast friends. Work outings turned into friendship which led to years of adventures together - camping, skiing, flying, and the most memorable trip to Napa Valley! Christi and Terra share a close bond even though they have lived in different cities for most of their friendship. Terra also likes to brag that her bestie is a female Navy pilot!
Wendy Gardow
Wendy is Terra's super smart, loyal and longtime friend. The two met in middle school where they bonded over creating goofy school projects and attending a week long (science?) camp in Colorado together. Since then, they have continued to share laughs and make memories. No matter the distance between them, they are always there for each other. 
Annette Hauswirth
Annette and Terra studied communications together at the University of Michigan, but did not meet until the day of graduation. During a post college summer internship, they discovered a shared love of dancing to Robyn and a passion for bringing people together and celebrating differences which led to the creation of the infamous Khaki Krawl. Although Khaki Krawls have come to a lull, Annette and Terra's friendship remains stronger than ever!
Michelle Leone
Michelle, or "Chelle" as Terra calls her, is Terra's best friend from her younger years. They met on the middle school tennis team and continued to play on the same team throughout high school. Their friendship is going on two decades, despite the many fashion faux pas and terrible hair trends they endured together!  
Ilo Neukam

Ilo is Terra's cousin from San Diego. Being the younger cousin, Terra always looked up to Ilo and relished the moments when the two of them got together, staying up late into the evening talking about everything under the sun. Despite growing up and living in different states, they share a sisterlike bond.

Amanda Schutte
Amanda and Terra first met at the University of Michigan's freshman orientation, but became very close friends later in life, post college. The two of them have very parallel lives - red headed younger sisters, weddings in 2022, a similar taste in jewelry - and always have a lot to chat about. Terra always leaves her conversations with Amanda feeling empowered and ready to take on the world! 
Kimmy VanDeWege
Kimmy brings a lot of joy to Terra's life! She is by far the most positive and upbeat person Terra has ever met. Kimmy is always up for a fun outing - whether it be karaoke, a country concert, skiing or dominating the tennis court! Their friendship is going on a decade with too many memories to count. 
Brynn Walsh

Brynn is technically Terra's second cousin, but to keep things simple she is referred to as a cousin. Even though they grew up in different states, and only got to know each other through family reunions and Thanksgiving meals, you would never know it by how close they are! Brynn and Terra can talk until the sun comes up and then some. 

Madeline Aquilina
Junior Bridesmaid

Madeline is Neil's niece and will be making her first ever appearance as a bridesmaid at Neil and Terra's wedding. They are so excited to have such an enthusiastic, smart and caring addition to their wedding party! 

Amelia Aquilina
Flower Girl

Amelia is Neil's cute and charming niece. Throughout the wedding weekend, you'll likely find her giggling, joking with her siblings or perhaps causing a little mischief!

Rohit Khanna
Brother and Best Man

Neil's big brother and lifelong best friend! These two have been close since day one and are one another's biggest supporters. They love each other like only brothers can!

Erik Rebbe
Honorary Best Man

Erik and Neil first met while playing high school football at Detroit Country Day where they became fast friends. They have remained close through the years, going to the University of Michigan together and even joining the same fraternity Omega Gamma Pi.

Praneeth Katrapati

Praneeth and Neil met in college at the University of Michigan where Praneeth established himself as the life of the party. He has maintained this moniker through the years while also becoming one of Neil's closest friends in the process.

Ashwin Korde
Ashwin and Neil met at the University of Michigan where they often could be found at their favorite pub the Blue Leprechaun. They shared some of their most memorable college moments together and continue to build upon that storied friendship today.
Gautam Muthusamy

Gautam and Neil met in college at the University of Michigan where they were in the same fraternity Omega Gamma Pi. Neil oversaw Gautam's pledge process to join the fraternity and, despite months of hazing, they have remained close friends and both live in Ann Arbor today.

Abhinav Nafday
Abhi and Neil were members of the same Emergency Medicine residency class at the University of Michigan. They become close as they supported one another through residency and realized their shared love of the iconic band Linkin Park.
Joe Parel

Joe and Neil met in college at the University of Michigan and have not stopped giggling since. After college, they both moved to Chicago and continued building their friendship through their shared sense of humor and steak night traditions.

Will Peterson
Will and Neil met during their Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Michigan. After graduation, they both stayed in Ann Arbor and bonded over weekly golf outings, which both agreed were a great way to ruin a beautiful day. Although their scores never improved, the rounds did result in a close friendship between the two.
Grant Senyei

Grant and Neil met during a scavenger hunt on the first day of medical school orientation at Northwestern. Although neither was too keen on this particular activity, they discovered a friendship over tacos and margaritas a few short weeks later that would last through medical school and beyond.

Matthew Stratton

Mat and Neil met in medical school at Northwestern where they immediately became friends. From study buddies to gym bros to loyal confidantes, the friendship has taken many forms through the years and they remain close today.

Aiden Aquilina
Ring Bearer
Aiden is Neil's nephew and the most gentle and loving young adult you will ever meet. Neil and Terra are honored to have him in charge of the rings.